Obama’s new phone

Being President of the United States certainly has it perks for Obama. He already got a brand new set of wheels with all the hi-tech gear. We all know that he is very keen on his BlackBerry phone. He has been photographed with it so many times during the election campaign. But an ordinary phone can be a security risk. It can be hacked and its contents viewed, communications intercepted or its location identified. So, he is getting a new phone. And not just any phone.

You name a feature and this phone has got it. The only thing it seems it cannot do is fire bullets. The phone is the Sectera Edge from General Dynamics.

Sectera Edge

This costs about $3,350 and is super secure. This was developed for the NSA to provide secure communications for government officials.

The device supports over GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi networks, practically ensuring that it will work anywhere in the world. It runs on Microsoft Windows and is also a rugged phone, meaning that it can take a drop or two without out breaking, unlike the regular phones that you and I use.

This device supports Type 1 encrypted storage of data. And if you did not know what a Type 1 device is, here is the definition from the NSA:

Classified or controlled cryptographic item endorsed by the NSA for securing classified and sensitive U.S. Government information, when appropriately keyed. The term refers only to products, and not to information, key, services, or controls. Type 1 products contain approved NSA algorithms. They are available to U.S. Government users, their contractors, and federally sponsored non-U.S. Government activities subject to export restrictions in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulation

You think your phone is complicated? Take a look at the image below and see if you can keep all this straight.

Sectera Edge Parts
No one can deny that it looks really cool.