Most common iPhone passcodes

How much ever a device or OS or application is, the human element is always the weakest. This has been proven once again by the fact that most people use insecure pass-codes for iPhone and iPad devices.

I wrote a while ago about how information in iOS devices are insecure due to the way the devices store data. But someone trying to get to the data in these devices might not even have to employ any sophisticated attack.

Apparently, most iPhone and iPad users use very simple passcodes. The thief can try out a few passcodes and will still have a very reasonable success rate. This is like buying the most sophisticated lock to lock your door and then hiding the key under the door mat. Over time, there does not seem to be a great amount of improvement in the complexity of passwords.

Latest research done by an iOS app developer, who anonymously recorded over 200,000 passcodes from his security app, reveals the 10 most commonly used iPhone codes, making the devices vulnerable to hacking in case of loss or theft.

Here is the most common passcodes with the number of users in brackets.

  1. 1234 (8884)
  2. 0000 (5246)
  3. 2580 (4753) which is the straight line down the keypad.
  4. 1111 (3262)
  5. 5555 (1774)
  6. 5683 which according to the report depicts the least obvious pattern. However, the combination is the representation of word LOVE (5683), which too is among the most commonly used passwords on internet.
  7. 0852 (1221) is the reverse of 2580
  8. 2222 (1139)
  9. 1212 (944)
  10. 1998 (882)

While it is understandable that people now have to remember a lot of password and PINs, they just cannot use simple ones that they can remember. With Google and others coming out with solutions for using phones for making payments, it is imperative that the security of these devices is uppermost in everyone’s minds, including the device owner’s.