Massive debit-card fraud in BC

People in British Columbia, Canada woke up to news reports of massive fraud involving debit-cards. The details are still sketchy, The fraud involves thousands of cards and millions of dollars.

It looks like the debit-card readers were replaced at many stores, including Safeway, a credit union and lots of independent retail stores, by criminals. The new card readers transmitted card numbers and pin numbers to a criminal organization.

It is really scary that something like this could happen where the card readers were replaced. This is not like an ATM machine in some street corner. These are within stores used by employees. Most of the compromised devices belonged to TD Canada Trust. This could mean that these devices were replaced before they were handed to these stores.

The saving grace for customers is that the bank(s) have agreed to reimburse customers. But with pin numbers being reused widely for different places, everyone should consider changing them in all the places the same pin is being used.

Original report:
Massive B.C. fraud hits debit-card users