Malware on Mac?

For a long time, Apple has promoted Mac OS as being more secure than Windows OS. With Apple products becoming the definition of “cool” and more people using them, the hackers have not been too far away. The number of exploits against Macs have increased  exponentially.

Apple quietly recommended Mac users to use anti-virus software. Apparently the recommendation was later taken off the website since it was considered bad publicity for a supposedly secure product.

Lots of Microsoft fans have been saying for a long time, at least as long as Apple has been saying that Macs are more secure, that there are not enough users of Mac computers for hackers to seriously consider targeting them. Apparently that seems to be true. Either that or Mac OS is not actually as secure as it used to be.

If the reason for taking down the advisory was indeed that Apple considered it to be bad publicity, then it is unfortunate. Apple would be exposing its customers to potentially serious consequences for selfish reasons. It would also be very short-sighted, since a publicized attack against Mac users would be more damaging to Apple and its customers.