Files and documents as confetti

Some office workers apparently got carried away during the New York Yankees victory parade. According to reports, when they could not get their hands on (more) confetti, they started throwing files and documents out of windows.

Some of the documents thrown out during the parade included pay stubs, banking data, law firm memos and even some court files.

The founder of one financial firm, Alan Sarroff, says his company reprimanded one “overzealous” employee for throwing records out the window that should have been shredded.

A reprimand might be justified if the documents were lost due to a mistake, not if they were thrown out deliberately. I think that the employee should have been fired immediately.

In this age of identify theft, this is the last thing that we need. Goes to show that you can never be sure of where your personal information may end up. It is up to each individual to protect himself/herself against identity theft.

The problem is that the threat is not limited to identify theft alone. There can be a physical component to it. If, among the documents, there were some that listed investments and also identifying information, the owners of those investments can face a physical threat.

If the reports are true, at least a few of these companies are sure to get hit with lawsuits. At least, I hope they do. One of the things I keep saying is that there is no fix for stupidity.