Domino’s gives away pizzas

There was a funny (to me at least, maybe not for Domino’s) story about how Domino’s gave away 11,000 pizzas for free between Monday night and Tuesday. This happened because a customer who ordered online put in the word “bailout” as a coupon code. Apparently, Domino’s has considered that word for a coupon, but never actually used it.

Word spread like wildfire and soon, Domino’s had given away thousands of pizzas before realizing what was happening and deactivating the coupon code Tuesday morning. This serves to demonstrate how fast news can spread. I am sure Domino’s will try and put a positive spin on this, but this happened because someone at Domino’s IT did not pay attention.

Small things can come back to bite you later in the “you know where”.

Link to Story: ‘Bailout’ hits Domino’s for 11,000 free pizzas