I was at DEFCON17 in Las Vegas over the weekend (Aug 1,2). I could attend only 2 out of the 3 days, but did get to listen to quite a few interesting presentations. Got a few ideas that I want to play around with.

Since I went there one day late, I did not get a schedule of presentations or a proper working badge. This being my first DEFCON, Idid not realize until too late, that I should have printed out and brought my own schedule. Finally, I managed to get one and got to attend all the presentations that I was interested in. The energy levels at these events are really high and contagious.

It was good to see some young kids in the audience and the interest that they were taking in the presentations. The only down side was the cursing and swearing, even from the presenters, when they were on stage.

Here is something from the movie Malcom X (I think) or I might have read it somewhere:

Cursing and swearing are for people who don’t have the vocabulary to articulate how they feel