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Protecting against credential stuffing attacks

Credential Stuffing is an attack where credentials stolen from one or more sites is used at other sites, in the hope that the same credentials were used by users on multiple sites. This post discusses some of the steps consumers and services providers can take to prevent these attacks.

Shifting Security Left

“Shift left” is the concept of implementing security from the very beginning and continuously validating that the product is secure. This article is about how to shift security left, based on my experience with very large commercial payment applications and how I helped secure them.

Managing Ransomware Threats

If you are trying to find out how to handle a ransom attack after you have been attacked, you are already way too late. Your options are very limited. Either pay or pray that the attackers were really stupid and try to recover the data by engaging a specialized consulting company. What you need to do is plan for this before you are attacked.