About Siva

After completing my Masters degree in Computer Applications, I spent a few years developing client-server and web applications. In 2001 I got the chance to get into the information security field and jumped in head-long. I was finally “home”. At that time the application security field was still nascent and my penchant for breaking stuff was put to good use hacking web applications and finding vulnerabilities.

Over time, I got into bigger and better things – threat modeling, pentests, PCI DSS/PA DSS assessments, creating and delivering security training, rolling out security programs, etc. I also started and managed a security consulting company in addition to starting the application security business at a couple of other companies.

I currently manage information security and fraud risk for corporate banking at HSBC Bank. Most of my spare time is spent reading, thinking and writing about information security and ways to combat fraud. I also read books on management, markets, etc., play table tennis when time permits and am very interested in martial arts.

On a final note, there are a lot of people that have influenced me and my career, mostly for good and to all of them, I am thankful.